Russian Club

Welcome to the Russian Club

We study Russian two times per week. Classes begin on in September after school in the teacher's lounge. Students, teachers, and parents are welcome. English will not be spoken during the lessons.

Over many years our Russian Club has done some incredible things. We also have many new friends on the other side of the world in Russia.

We have been having exchanges with two sister schools in Russia.  Our first sister school was located in the city of Novocherkassk near the Don River in southern Russia.  We established our relationship in 2008.  

In November 2008, 2010, and 2012 Ms. Tereshenko led delegations of students from public school #1 in Novocherkassk and they spent about two weeks at Perkins living in our community, attending our classes, and learning about our education system.

In April 2010, and 2011 Mr. Hernandez led groups of Perkins teachers and students to Novocherkassk School #1 where we were received like dignitaries. We were interviewed three times and our delegation was featured in the regional TV news and press. The mayor of Novocherkassk was also present to welcome us.

Unfortunately, our relationship with School #1 in Novocherkassk was paused due to its proximity to Ukraine.

In October 2012 we established a new partnership with Vladivostok City School #78. This was a result of the Open World program which invites educators from countries in the former USSR to learn about the United States. Vladivostok is a port city on the Pacific Ocean on the eastern coast of Russia. This is one of San Diego's official "Sister Cities." Perkins students have had the chance to visit Russia numerous times.

Recently, due to the pandemic we have also paused our relationship with School #78.  We hope to continue our exchanges soon.  These international experiences have a significant positive impact on our students.

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